What If?

What if…?

… our experience of the world is an illusion, formed by our incomplete interpretation of it?

… our misinterpretations create the original stories we tell ourselves about the nature of our existence and who we are?

… what if those stories shape and form all that we believe – for better or worse – for all our lives?

… those neverending thought-stories create a sense of an isolated individual in a world experience that is believed as actual and real…?

… a clear and genuine experience of life as-it-is must be preceded by successfully seeing through those stories and their distraction…?

… the meaning we attribute to photographs, art, events, people, places, things – can give us insight into the flavor of the story we tell ourselves…?

…the way we interpret those interactions shows how our earliest life memories initiated our original story and keep regenerating it…?

… revealing the limitations of our personal world story allows our awareness to see a more candid and expansive story…?

… the diminishing of personal stories fosters the unveiling of a Universal story…?

… the realization eventually dawns that it is ALL Universal story, even though it may have seemed personal at some point…!

…we are already what we are looking for?

What if…indeed!