Our Service

Our service is simple:

  1. We provide text and award winning photography of natural themes to help you or your business express yourself.
  2. For those who need simple text that the average person can easily read and understand, our introductory copywriting fee is $95 / page, normally $125/page.
  3. Included in the $95 fee is a no-cost, 1/4 page size, one time, 6 month single image use right from our online archive, to accompany the page of text. After 6 months you can choose to either renew the image use for a one year period for a fee of $150/year, non-exclusive use or remove the image in use. This is for online use only. Please contact us about hard copy print fees.
  4. Also included, is a 20 minute online consultation about subject materials you must provide us to write your text.
  5. Payment via PayPal.


For further information, please contact us: